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A will contest can result in a significant delay in the distribution of a family member's assets. Also, because the costs of will contest are paid out from the estate, the available funds can be significantly depleted. If you are concerned that a will may be subject to a will contest, contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate and estate administration attorney right away.

The ownership of some assets can make them exempt from probate, and other estate planning techniques can also keep property out of probate court. If you have questions about your estate plan or about avoiding probate, contact us to schedule a consultation with an estate planning attorney for straightforward solutions that will work for you.

As administrator of an estate, you must open the estate, collect and inventory assets, collect debts owed to the estate, pay out debts owed to creditors, distribute assets to the beneficiaries and close the estate. Any mistake in performing these steps may lead to probate litigation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an attorney experienced in probate and estate administration to help you navigate through the probate process.

The loss of a family member or loved one is difficult. Emotions can be compounded if you believe that your loved one's will is invalid or is being improperly administered. Instead of worrying, contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning and probate litigation attorney to discuss your concerns.

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At the Probate Law Center, PC, I represent individuals throughout the southern St. Louis metro area, including Clayton, Affton, Arnold, Sunset Hills, High Ridge, Eureka, Fenton, Ballwin, Shrewsbury, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, Washington, Augusta, Cedar Hill, Dittmer, Pacific, Creve Couer, Union, Chesterfield, Wild Wood, Manchester, Town and Country, Webster Groves, and Kirkwood; and in St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Franklin County.