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Helping Landlords with Rent Collection and Evictions

If you are a tenant I charge $150.00 for initial phone conference. Payment is expected before conference.

If you own rental property, you know how difficult it can be when a tenant breaks a promise to you, whether it's a failure to pay rent or a refusal to vacate property at the end of a lease. In many instances, your tenant has disappeared before the rent becomes past due. In other situations, the tenant may be so entrenched in the property that physically removing them is impossible or impractical. You want an experienced attorney to protect your interests, whether through the recovery of unpaid rent or the eviction of holdover and non-paying tenants.

At the Probate Law Center, PC, in St. Louis, I have over 26 years of experience handling evictions and rent collections for landlords. I know how to use the legal process to help you recover unpaid rent. I only represent property owners, whether the leaseholds are single family homes, quad-plexes or large apartment buildings. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your landlord-tenant dispute.

If your tenant is behind on rent payments or does not vacate the premises at the end of a lease, I can get you into court quickly, filing a rent in possession action or a claim for unlawful detainer.

A rent in possession action is a process where you file an affidavit or petition with the court, asking for recovery of the property, as well as past-due rents. The court will generally set a hearing date 4 to 8 weeks from the date of the filing.

In unlawful detainer or holdover actions, the tenant continues to use the property after the lease has expired. You can sue for double rent for every month the tenant has stayed at the property after the end of the lease. A successful claim for rent in possession or unlawful detainer will result in eviction for non-payment of rent.

For experienced and aggressive representation in landlord-tenant disputes in the southern St. Louis Metro area, contact me to set up a free initial consultation. My offices are open from 9 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and evening, weekend, and in-home appointments are available upon request. I accept Visa and MasterCard.

At the Probate Law Center, PC, I represent individuals throughout the southern St. Louis metro area, including Clayton, Affton, Arnold, Sunset Hills, High Ridge, Eureka, Fenton, Ballwin, Shrewsbury, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, Washington, Augusta, Cedar Hill, Dittmer, Pacific, Creve Couer, Union, Chesterfield, Wild Wood, Manchester, Town and Country, Webster Groves, and Kirkwood; and in St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Franklin County.