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Need A Power Of Attorney?

Even if you are not sure what a power of attorney does, you probably need one. Everyone should have the correct powers of attorney in place before they need one. When you or a loved one has an illness that may lead to incapacitation or you are simply growing older, you need to have powers of attorney that can help prevent additional stress and confusion when health conditions demand others to take control of your financial or health care.

I work to help people create powers of attorney and other legal instruments within a comprehensive estate plan to help them avoid problems later. Contact me at the Probate Law Center, PC, to schedule a free initial consultation.

More Than 35 Years Of Estate Planning Experience

I have more than 35 years of experience with estate planning matters. I can help explain how a power of attorney can work within your estate plan and prevent uncertainty when situations develop that leave you unable to make health care decisions or manage your financial affairs. A power of attorney grants a trusted individual the right to make important decisions on your behalf, according to your wishes.

As you age or know that you have a disease that will cause you to become incapacitated to the extent you can no longer make decisions on your own, a power of attorney allows you a degree of control by designating the person who will make the decisions and provide them with specific instructions for their properly carrying out their duties.

Financial Control

A durable power of attorney grants the power to make financial decisions, maximizing asset preservation and ensuring that your assets will be managed according to your wishes.

Health Care Decisions

A medical power of attorney, usually used in conjunction with an advance health care directive that explains your wishes regarding your medical treatment and/or end-of-life care, grants the power to make health care decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so.

I will assist you in legally designating power of attorney and creating an advance health care directive that clearly outlines your wishes for the future as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

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